dxirc is a simple yet capable cross-platform IRC client written in C++ and FOX toolkit and Qt toolit. Why use several different clients when you can have the same one on Linux (e.g. Arch Linux, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu), *BSD (e.g. FreeBSD) or even Windows?


  • Fully customisable look independent on system-wide settings.
  • Automated join to specified channels on selected server.
  • Support for multiple simultaneously connected servers.
  • Well-arranged and flexible configuration dialog (no need to edit the configuration files by hand at all).

Why Another IRC Client

I have tried a lot of existing clients, but non of them seemed to suit my needs; non of them felt really comfortable. Eventually, I have decided to try and write my own client to both satisfy my requirements and improve my coding skills. I have tested it with few of my friends and some of them found it as useful as I do.

I hope dxirc will be useful to you as well.

dxirc promotion


<a href="https://www.dxirc.org"><img src="https://www.dxirc.org/images/dxirc_80x31.png" title="Download dxirc" alt="" style="border:none;"/></a>

<a href="https://www.dxirc.org"><img src="https://www.dxirc.org/images/dxirc_80x31_bright.png" title="Download dxirc" alt="" style="border:none;"/></a>

<a href="https://www.dxirc.org"><img src="https://www.dxirc.org/images/dxirc_80x15.png" title="Download dxirc" alt="" style="border:none;"/></a>